A Word from the President, Rich Van Diest

As president of RCI Construction, I believe experience is key to success. Too many of today’s builders have forgotten their building roots and rely on others to see
a project through.

My commitment to you is my experience.

Since 1970 I have built homes and businesses throughout Western Washington with one commitment—I want repeat customers. To that end, you can expect
personal experienced treatment from the moment you call or e-mail. You may have a small, medium or large project. To me size doesn’t matter. What matters
is the pride I feel when you, my customer, are satisfied.
Here are some ways RCI can satisfy your building needs:Provide competitive quality pre-engineered steel buildings from Pacific Building Systems (PBS).

  1. Provide value engineering and design build support.
  2. Provide “turn key” options where you sit down with our design professionals and select your project outcome without the hassle or strain of dealing with
    multiple trades-WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU. And we are not satisfied until you are!
  3. Some projects require more… RCI can deliver that extra something through our network of professionals, suppliers, contacts and support personnel
    committed to giving you that extra to set your project apart and make it shine.
  4. Residential
  5. Commercial
  6. Light Industrial
  7. Heavy Industrial
  8. Site Mitigation
  9. Stormwater Ponds
  10. Underground Utilities
  11. Road Construction
  12. Underground Fire Line installation
  13. Landscaping
  14. Project Design and permitting.

This is just some of what RCI can do for you! And throughout your project, I will be involved from start to finish making sure you get 100 pennies worth of effort
for every dollar spent.

So give me a call or send an e-mail and let’s get your project going today.

Rich Van Diest
RCI Construction Inc.
“Where your dollar is worth 100 pennies”

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